Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Some new papers


Actions speak louder than words in The Alice Sequence: a series of exhibitions By Wilma Cruise

This is the catalogue essay for Wilma Cruise’s solo exhibition entitled 'The Alice Diaries' for the July 2012 staging at Circa on Jellicoe Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa. This exhibition is the most recent in a series of exhibitions by this artist dealing with the topic of 'Alice and the animals'. Repurposing the 'nonsense' register of Lewis Carroll, Cruise interrogates logo-centric human heirarchy and asks the very pertinent question: how do we speak to the animals?

The haunted stitch: Pointure practices in ‘material’ contemporary art.

This is a catalogue essay for the Pointure catalogue I have edited and produced alongside the Pointure exhibition I have curated at the University of Johannesburg Gallery in August 2012. The paper considers the 'prophetic' and 'ghostly' resonance of 'stitching practices' in contemporary art. The Pointure exhibition is also accompanied by a colloquium in August 2012 of the same name (hosted by the Visual Identities in Art and Design Research Centre at the University of Johannesburg) with keynote papers from Bracha Ettinger, Jane Taylor and Meredith Jones. The ISBN number for the catalogue is: 978-0-620-53776-6 Pointure

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